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GreenQloud goes Hybrid

There are probably lots of pun-filled headlines about Prius that I should use here, but a brain addled by a day moderating sessions and taking briefings here at CloudComputingExpo can’t think of any right now.

GreenQloud, the Icelandic provider of a heavily tweaked CloudStack-based IaaS offering which just happens to be 100% powered by renewable energy, is embracing the current enthusiasm for Hybrid clouds.

With QStack, the company is now offering a version of its code that you can run inside your own data centre. You can scale compute jobs beyond your own facilities to a GreenQloud data centre when required, and other CloudStack-based public clouds will also be addressable in due course. In fact, given GreenQloud’s compatibility with Amazon’s storage and compute APIs, maybe they won’t stop at CloudStack clouds…?

GreenQloud’s existing dashboards monitor energy consumption and other green indicators, and that functionality will also be available in QStack. Most of the data centres where QStack runs will probably look a lot less green than GreenQloud’s, but I doubt that the scary numbers will drive an immediate rush to find new data centre providers. However, the growing visibility of what’s being consumed and what it’s impact isĀ may have a beneficial effect in the longer term as companies rationalise their IT estate, seek to meet legal obligations around emissions reduction, etc… Let’s hope so, anyway.

The CloudStack code inside QStack isn’t exactly the same as the code running on the public GreenQloud offering; it’s actually a more modern version of the codebase, and the GreenQloud public cloud will catch up later this year…

Ben Kepes has more, here.

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